Nik Huber Premium Padded Gig Bag

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A lot of guitarists (us included) have been enjoying the combination of comfort and protection you get with padded gig bags – so we thought it was about time to offer our own.

Features, measurements and images

  • Highly padded interior
  • Padded neck rest with strap
  • Lightweight (our gig bag is less bulky and a touch more flexible than some of the super-fat bag/case hybrids)
  • Nik Huber Guitars logo embroidery on front pocket and signature embroidery on back
  • Two front zipped pockets
  • Fits all Nik Huber models except the Rietbergen and the Rietbergen Bass
  • Interior measurements:
    • L: 38” x W: 13.3” x H: 3”
    • L: 97cm x W: 34cm x H: 7.5cm
  • Guitar not included